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Greensboro is an amazing place to work, live and play. As the third largest metro area in North Carolina, Greensboro is an aspiring city thanks to its higher education opportunities and environmentally friendly initiatives. Within 200 miles of both the beach and the mountains, and with lakes and rivers closer to the city, Greensboro is conveniently situated for all outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the city boasts 170 public parks and gardens for all ages and interests.

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Because of its location, Greensboro offers residents a variety of historical sites and monuments dating back to the American Revolution. Additionally, the city offers its residents modern entertainment venues for recreation, shopping, dining, and the arts. For sports enthusiasts, Greensboro nicknames itself the “Tournament Town” thanks to the many sporting events the city hosts each year.

You can learn more about everything Greensboro has to offer in our exclusive Influence Relocation Services Insider’s Guide. Our settling-in services concierge can also help you get access to community information, entertainment options, and local resources. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, our exceptional real estate agents are here to help.

Influence Relocation –
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